Top 10 jewelry items to wear on weddings while social distancing!

People had made various plans when the year 2020 arrived. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt on all the things they were planning to take up during this year. They were instructed to practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings at public places. It has also put a halt on weddings which were supposed to take place a couple of months back. There is nothing that can stop couples from binding in this holy institution of marriage. Thanks to all the video conferencing apps. Before the wedding, there are certain things one needs to look into. One of them is choosing the right jewelry as per the outfit. You want to look at the most beautiful bride on this special day. Here is the list of the top 10 jewelry items that you can wear on your Social distancing wedding :


  • Vintage wedding jewelry set: A jewelry set that has flowers on it adds romantic appeal and makes you look stunning at the same time. Your wedding outfit is complete with a Vintage wedding jewelry set.
  • Wedding diamond jewelry set: It is said that diamonds are women's best friend. If you want to look like a queen on your wedding day, choose a diamond jewelry set. You will love jewelry will be more when you wear it on your special day. The groom will be mesmerized when he will see you.
  • Wedding hair jewelry set: A hairpiece with beautiful details and the sparkling gemstone can make you look amazing on your special day. Silver is the most popular recommendation given by fashion stylists on the wedding day, but you can choose the color you want.
  • Beach wedding jewelry: If you are planning to organize your wedding at the most exotic location. You can wear beach wedding jewelry to grace the occasion with your presence.
  • Crystal wedding jewelry: Rhinestone and Gemstone add a sparkling and dazzling look to your outfit. You can wear something different and create your own style statement at your wedding. You can choose the stylish wedding jewelry from the cateandchloe.
  • Pearl Collection: There is nothing more classic and elegant than a pearl collection. You can wear some real ones or fake ones as both of them make you more beautiful than before.
  • Tassels jewelry: This jewelry was worn of weddings, which used to take place in the 18th century and continue to be in trend at present. Tassels and pearls collaborated, and a new piece was created. You would be surprised to see anklets and hair accessories made of tassels and colored stones.
  • Layering: There is nothing better than choosing layering as a piece of the wedding on your special occasion. You can layer up arm candy, necklace, and bangles with Boho. You can mix a pearl bracelet with leathers and feathers and get ready to receive compliments for your choice. Get ready to add glitter and sparkle to your wedding attire.
  • Animal and nature designs: There is nothing better than incorporating mother nature in your jewels. You can buy this exotic piece of jewelry if you are fond of flowers or a fish-shaped earring. Every nature lover wants to flaunt his love for nature by bragging his nature collection.
  • Nostalgic numbers: Certain numbers are special to you and your relationship. They reveal the number of years the two of you have been together or the relationship's start. You can get then engraved on your wedding ring and surprise your partner with it the day you get married.
  • Jaw-Dropping Earings: Try a pair of jaw-dropping earnings and wear them on your wedding. You can grab the attention of all the people by posting your pictures online. If something is exposed from the neckline, you can hide by wearing it. A perfect piece of jewelry that will make you look perfect.


Every bride wants to look ravishing on her wedding day or even on her social distancing wedding. You can look stunning on this special day by choosing wedding jewelry ideas from the list. Make this day more memorable, and get ready to receive compliments from your loved ones. Have a memorable and stylish wedding.


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