The Best Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her Birthday


If you're shopping for the perfect gift for a birthday for the love of your life, believe me, it’s not going to be an easy chore as you are thinking. Gifting jewelry is a superb idea and every growing jewelry market offers many options.

Birthdays are the occasions when you want your girlfriend to feel special and as a lover, you will leave no stone unturned for making the preparation right from the 12 o’clock birthday cake or a throwing party or giving her a special gift.

If you have decided to make her day then jewelry is the choice for you. Check out some fantastic ideas to make the gift special for her birthday.

Create a VIP BOX with daily wear

It is noticed that men always tend towards bling while women want something they'll wear daily like a variety of earrings or pendants or small jewelry accessories like a single diamond bracelet, along the chain with a letter pendant and so on. Pick two or three such items, pair them and nicely pack in a VIP box. Your girlfriend will be delighted to receive this gift and at the same time, it will be a budgeted gift.


A rare stone or classic jewelry is an all-time favorite of all women. Most of the women fall in love with their birthstones. These days they are in trend. You can pick a birthstone ring and can propose the love of your life on her birthday. No other occasion would be more appropriate for proposing her than her birthday. The online jewelry store might help you choose the perfect stone and design for the ring.

Plan Ahead

Birthdates are always known to be a mind-blowing present so you can plan to buy a jewelry piece in advance of her personal choice and can wrap in a beautiful and attractive gift box to give her while you both are spending a nice time together. It will be a candid moment when she will open and find the gift of her own choice. She is going to appreciate you for this.

Make up a Story

 If you are doubting what kind of jewelry your girlfriend would like to buy for herself. Then there is no harm in discussing the best jewelry option in advance because gifting jewelry is an expensive gift. Your girlfriend will appreciate your efforts and value your thoughts. Moreover, by doing this, apart from deciding on a birthday gift, you will be able to build a strong bond with her. You can cook a story and ask her opinion that whether she would like to be gifted with a piece of jewelry or an electronic gadget.

Be in your Budget

All women's jewelry is fancy. It is possible that when you go to buy a piece of jewelry, you might like a costly one. In such a situation, take a wise decision and don’t go out of your budget. You need to control your feelings and think wisely. The same type of design is possible if you choose a comparatively low priced metal or a subsidiary stone. Gone are the days when only platinum and gold were the metal choice and diamonds were the only ways to win a woman’s heart. So, before visiting a jewelry store, decide your budget and pick the best jewelry for her.

Match with her NUMBER

The numbers have their significance. You can apply your mental ability and create some combination to match with her birth date or a year or with her age. Create a jewelry box and explain it to her while gifting it to her. She will have a proud feeling of accepting the gift in a gathering of her friends and relatives.

Final thoughts:

Birthdays are a time of celebration and the moments to share your bond of friendship and love with your special ones. Rather than making it a gift centric occasion, it is better to focus on the idea that can make your girlfriend feel that special bond with her.

When it comes to gifting a charming gift to her on her birthdays, there can be no other better option than gifting a VIP box with daily wear jewelry pieces of her preference. Believe us, she is going to enjoy and relish this gift of yours and will have sweet memorable memories of her birthday for a long time!

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