Top 7 Picks in Jewelry for completing the summer look!

Everyone eagerly waits for summer and springtime. It is the perfect weather to go out for brunch and parties. You can put on new clothes and experiment with your fashion sense during these months. Sure, we all love layering different items during the winter, but what is better than stepping out of your house in new and trendy minimal pieces? 

Summer is definitely the time to experiment with your wardrobe. But just clothes and bags are not enough, feel bold and experiment with your jewelry as well. All true jewelry lovers know that its ability to make you feel confident and lift up your mood is undeniable. It can make you look instantly dressed up and can also make your outfit look well planned, even if you put on something in a hurry. 

Even if you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, just a strong chain will lift your look and complete your outfit. Just like this, there are many emerging trends and different kinds of pieces coming out that can really help you leave your mark everywhere you go. We have curated a list of the best picks in jewelry that can help you convert your outfit in a few seconds.

  • Chokers

Chokers have been emerging as a hot trend over the last few years. This actually dates back to 2500BCE, but it has been growing in popularity quite recently. These are not just trending for high school students, but also in the fashion world. This was quite a huge trend in the early ‘90s but died down after that. Once Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing it, there was no way of stopping the trend from resurfacing. It is the perfect summer jewelry to give you an edge. This nostalgic trend can help give you an edge in every outfit that you wear. 

These come in different colors and are quite glitzy. It doesn’t hurt that it can make your collar bones look really good. The most sought0out brands for these are Dior and Chanel. Chokers work with V-necklines and even round ones, but they most definitely do not go with turtlenecks. You can even pair your choker with a long necklace to make it look more appealing and chunky. This can definitely be a game-changer, so be sure to have a few on hand for your next party.

  • Bracelets

Bracelets have been around for a long time, and their designs have been changing from primitive to modern varieties. These are a great way of accentuating your outfit. Once you learn how to complement your styling with bracelets, there is no looking back. There are so many different kinds of bracelets out there, it’s ridiculous. There are charm bracelets that have gained quite a lot of popularity. Cuff bracelets look quite elegant if you find the right kind. Chunky bracelets are amazing for boho dresses. Even a sleek and small bracelet can totally change your look. Tennis bracelets are classic and elegant and can be worn for special occasions. 

  • Statement earrings

Someone who dresses quite simply can really take advantage of statement earrings. If you want to make a bold statement with a ‘no makeup’ look and a good hairdo, these will be the perfect addition to your outfit. The styles for this are now brighter, flashier, bigger, and more sculptural. These are quite mainstream which is why they are available in different materials, colors, and shapes. You can wear these with your hair up or down. They draw a lot of attention to your face and accentuates it. You can choose to go for earrings that match or outfit or try experimenting with bold colors for a fun change.

  • Pendants

Pendants are essential for every woman’s wardrobe. You can choose quirky jewelry that is cheaper, or you can opt for some fine jewelry and pendants from Cate and Chloe and other established brands. These can help add a bit of femininity to your look and add that needed edge to your outfit. A perfect pendant can be carried off in the office, at brunches, and even at nightclubs.

  • Colorful stones

Gemstones have always carried a lot of meaning in different cultures. These are a symbol of culture, status, and pride in Asian countries. All stones such as ruby, sapphire, and emerald have different meanings and importance behind them. There is no better time to add some color to your outfit than summer.

  • Rose-gold jewelry

There are three popular gold tones, and rose-gold is the most popular among these. This has a soft pink hue and it is loved for its vintage and classic look. It is not as shiny or reflective as the other kinds, which in turn adds to this vintage effect. It’s the perfect tone for every skin color and is quite a popular choice for summer and spring jewelry. This is cute and quirky, without putting too much of a strain on your pocket.

  • Floral jewelry

The arrival of summer is the perfect time to go for different floral jewelry. This is a perfect way of keeping up with trends and looking stylish. This adds another element of freshness to your look and can be paired up with anything. 

Jewelry is meant to make you feel confident and stylish. It can completely change your mood and outfit. Try these top picks for spicing up your summer wardrobe.

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