Ten Seasonal Trends in Jewelry and Accessories to Follow This Summer!


The previous year 2020 was a year we would like to erase from our memories. With the said year gone and already a quarter of the New Year 2021 with it, once again everybody is in a mood to look positive and celebrate in the coming times. Talking of celebration means party time and party time means fashion and jewelry. These days even men possess some kind of jewelry but for women it is an
essential component of their wardrobe. The year 2021 brings with it a number of new fashions in the field of jewelry. Cate and Chloe present a list of the top 10 trending jewelry items and their accessories in the summer of 2021:

Charms: Charms are going to be in fashion this summer. Women going out to parties or some other functions can wear their charm necklace with other pieces of jewelry items. Adding more than one charm to the necklace you wear adds to your personality and makes a fashion statement as well. Collect a few charms and couple them with some base necklaces to wear a different charm necklace daily.

Hoop Charm Earrings:  Ladies can wear these charm earrings to complete the summer look in their jewelry collection. They might choose a colour that matches the sky or the water to make it look more cool and summery.

Pearl Bracelets: Women will find it even more charming when they wear pearl bracelets that are mixed with edgy chain links. The edgy chain links might be made of gold (preferably) or silver to provide an exquisite look to the bracelet.

Where’s the Other Earring: Something new  and trending in earrings is not wearing them as a couple but a single. Miss one of the earrings and you are bound to be noticed and make a statement of your own. Another way of doing so would be to wear mismatched earrings either by colour or by design.  

Flower Studded Jewelry: This is nothing new but yes it is going to be in fashion this summer too.  We have seen them in many Spring collections but wait till you watch them this summer. Flower earrings, flower headbands, or flowers on a pendant would provide the wearer with a unique and noticeable look.

Baubles: Not only jewelry itself, but jewelry accessories are also going to be in vogue this summer. Baubles worn as a part of earrings, pendants, belts, or necklaces will attract the eye of jewelry lovers. Round bauble jewelry has already been doing the rounds since the beginning of this year at various fashion shows.

Creature Jewelry: Many designers are shifting their aspect to nature, designing their jewelry items in the form of birds, insects, and other animals. Earrings shaped like birds, and charms in the shape of animals or insects can easily be seen already. The Egyptian Eye of Horus has been a piece of attraction to whichever jewelry item it was linked.

Masks: The year 2020 is gone but the impact remains. Masks are here to stay. No longer we find traditional masks only. There are masks doing the rounds that match with the dress of the person wearing them. There are masks now for different occasions even – one for a protest, one for weddings, one for parties etc. They have become much like a jewelry accessory. 

Belts: Earlier on designers were opting for silhouettes on the skirts. This has changed in recent times to tying the waist with skinny or big belts. Just not those square belts any more. Designer belts are the trend these days. 

Rings:  Rings adorn your fingers much like a necklace adorns your neck. It has to be matching, trendy, and beautiful. At times you might just find small and beautiful rings serving their purpose while at other times it’s the big ones showing their effect on the wearer’s personality.

Let’s Wrap It Up
Jewelry and its accessories have always been a desire of every woman – always unfulfilled. Cate and Chloe have everything women have come up with a number of such items that women could desire to wear as a part of their jewelry.

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