Shoutout to jewelry lovers - 10 jewelry hack you probably gonna love

Jewelry trends that demand versatile accessories have given birth to the transformable pieces for all the 
Jewelry lovers. Jewelry trend nowadays has been on the go which is related to sentiments and even mentality of a particular time. “While style is personal and taste is subjective, what happens in the world affects how people seek solace in beauty”. 

Importance of jewelry

Jewelry is regarded as the most precious and the most beautiful thing made by nature which reflects a changing lifestyle. Ronald Abram, one of the most famous Hong Kong Jewelry said that, most of his clients are mobile and travel often with their days fully occupied and they love a type of Jewelry which can suit them very fast with the changing lifestyle. 

Individuals nowadays are becoming more casual, so even at the highest price points that they are willing to pay they want Jewelry that can stay with them in varied times and not get old with the new lifestyles. All people want is the Jewelry to be formal and at the same time be useful for casual occasions as well. 

Jewelry hacks!

Not everyone can afford Jewelry which is high priced. Not everyone has the resources to buy expensive Jewelry, but everyone can be creative during a time of need. 

Let us go through a few Jewelry hacks which can please everyone. 

  1. If you struggle to rock the layered necklace look without them turning into a tangled mess, try a special clasp designed to help you easily spot several strands at once.
  2. Prevent necklaces from tangling when you pack them by threading them through a straw.
  3. If costume Jewelry is oxidizing or turning your finger green, coat it with clear nail polish to create a protective barrier. The polish will not stay on forever, but it's a temporary fix to get more life out of cheaper baubles and you can always swipe on another coat.
  4. Baby powder (or even baby oil) can make it easier to remove knots from chains. Using the straight end of a pin to separate the strands can help, too.
  5. DIY Book Jewelry Box. Instead of having a box with Jewelry or even a ring pillow, a journal or book with carved out pages in a form of a heart of any design glued together can act as one of the greatest hacks of presenting a Jewelry
  6. For nearly-impossible-to-put-on-by-yourself bracelets, you can also unhook a paperclip to help you easily get a grip. Bracelets sometimes differ in regard to wrist sizes but this hack using a paperclip can be beneficial for a temporary basis.
  7. Especially for necklaces with thicker chains — try wrapping them in plastic wrap to keep them neat.
  8. A paperclip can serve as a quick, temporary fix for a broken necklace chain or clasp: If your necklace at the last moments breaks or if the hook of your chain gets stuck then a paper clip can act as a way in which temporary fixes can be made.
  9. One can clean the Jewelry by adding a few drops of mild dish detergent with club soda which will provide a new look for the Jewelry.
  10. For small earrings which pose a great challenge to be maintained, buttons can be used as earring holders which will act as a great way to prevent hearing loss. 

Elegant yet simple jewelry by Cate&Chloe

Cate & Chloe Jewelry is the new jewelry which comes with new designs, new looks in various sizes and colors with a perfect collection of fashionable yet classic looks providing a whole new look for those who are Jewelry lovers. Anyone can buy Cate & Jewelry online with just a few clicks on the internet where there are bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and many more. 

The brand can be regarded as one of the hottest new brands for fashionable jewelry and accessories, which offers the most stylish yet affordable jewelry collection that a woman could wear every day. Also dedicated to delivering simple and elegant pieces of jewelry that would complete every women’s personal jewelry collection making them look beautiful and gorgeous. 

The vision of the company started with a clear concept in their mind which was to create stylish yet affordable jewelry for women to wear on an everyday basis inspired by versatile and elegant yet simple pieces.

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