Stylish Pieces of Jewelry to Extend Your Capsule Wardrobe


Be it the youth of today or the corporate personnel, or even the women going to clubs or staying at home, who does not want to look good or be fashionable? Nobody in fact. To do so, they maintain a capsule wardrobe from which they can select their clothes, jewelry, and even footwear. But what does the term Capsule Wardrobe refer to? It’s just your wardrobe like any other wardrobe but suited to your personal style. A Capsule Wardrobe is a
jewelry collection that makes up your style which can last beyond a season. Donna Karan created the first ever Capsule Wardrobe named as “Seven Easy Pieces”. Cate and Chloe have a list of fashion accessories that goes into making your Capsule Wardrobe a style from which you can choose.

1. Gold/Silver Chain: Women want attraction and no better means than a Gold or a Silver chain. When they are so designed they can be worn at different lengths to suit the neckline of the shirt, they are a perfect addition to the jewelry wardrobe. Some people may prefer to wear a stone pendant along with the chain.

2. Bracelets: To further your wardrobe you can add bracelets that complement your chain - gold or silver. Bracelets come in various forms ranging from simple friendship bracelets to designer bracelets. Some of them worth a mention are the Designer Bracelets, Chain Bracelets, and Pearl Bracelets, which can be treated as party wear.

3. Earrings: To further add to the collection of your jewelry wardrobe are the earrings. No jewelry is complete without the earrings.  What used to be just a couple of simple earrings in the early days have now become an item worth noticing in every woman’s collection. With the leading ladies wearing different types of earrings in the sitcoms and movies, every lady desires to have them in their collection. Just like the bracelets the earrings that are present nowadays include stud earrings, drop earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, huggie earrings, and the threader earrings that hang on both sides of the earlobe.

4. Rings: Adding rings to the collection of your jewelry enhances the capsule wardrobe by yet another meter. Not only women but men too prefer wearing rings specifically golden ones around their fingers. They can vary from anniversary and birthstone rings to antique and fashion rings, from circular to Nugget rings, and posy to puzzle rings. Antique rings came to the light with the movie series “Lord of the Rings”. While men would like to have nugget rings giving them an air of superiority, women prefer diamond or fashion rings to count themselves in the top brass.

5. Watches:  While watches may not be a part of traditional jewelry, they necessarily count when it comes down to fashion.  While watches can be classified according to type into mechanical, quartz and smart watches, it is the brands that lure the customer these days. Besides looking for smart features in a watch, customers find it attractive if the watch belongs to a well-known brand such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Söhne, or Audemars Piguet.

6. Sunglasses:
Strange as it may seem, Sunglasses have made a way for themselves into the jewelry wardrobe in the recent decades. Finding a place into this section of the wardrobe are Prada, Burberry, Bulgari, Christian Dior, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino, Ray-ban, Armani Exchange, Guess and a host of other well-known brands for both men and women.

7. Storage: This is an item you should not miss out on. You need to curate your collection so that you can choose a whole set at one go. For this you need to have a storage option where you can store all the above mentioned i.e. Necklace, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, and Watches in the same place. This will organize your jewelry while also keeping it safe. You can choose a stackable jewelry box system with different layers into which you can organize your jewelry

Well this is all that you would need to complete your collection. However here is a list of how to go about creating a classic collection that you would like to wear on any occasion.

The Collection

The Earrings: Every person on this planet has a penchant for the most expensive metal to be present in their jewelry collection. Diamond is irresistible and as such the first thing to create a unique collection would be a set of Diamond Earrings. If they are not affordable, you may go for Gold or silver ones even.

Necklace: The Pendant Necklace is one that can perfectly fit this category. Such a necklace would attract attention with any neckline. Some people may even go for a necklace with a pendant.

Bracelets: Bangles are the best type of bracelets that can adorn the collection of a lady’s jewelry wardrobe. These can be either worn as a single bracelet or in combination with others. 

Watch: This category may show various options being preferred. While the youth prefers the smartwatches, the corporate may prefer classic and simple watches. The fairer sex will on the other hand prefer light and elegant branded watches to adorn their wrists.

Sunglasses: Exquisite and good-looking is the preference when it comes to sunglasses. Girls ensure to have matching sunglasses with the dresses they wear. Corporates prefer sunglasses that give an air of superiority while wearing them.

Let’s Summarize

Looking smart and fashionable is the word of the day. To achieve this both male and female, the youth and the adult, chose to wear the best of the fashion they can afford. The market is aplenty with numerous brands for all types of wearables from necklaces and bracelets to watches and sunglasses. Curate your own collection by choosing wisely and be the smartest one around.

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