Seven Best Short Stories about Moms 'A True Blessing'.

A Mother is someone more than a person who gives birth to us. She gives birth to us, nurtures us, cares for us when we need caring the most, and above all she does not do all this expecting something in return. A mother is a selfless personality who will stand in anyone’s way who tries to bring harm to her children.  Since the beginning of Life, a mother has loved her kids. We cannot count for how many years or centuries mothers have been doing this but we are trying to just list out some instances where mothers have turned out to be a true blessing. Cate and Chloe have compiled such a list for their readers on this Mother’s Day.

Mothers – A True Blessing

You Always Need A Mom: A mother is like a fairy, fulfilling all the wishes of her children. Always answering to their needs. Saman Rahman’s mother used to say that she was no fairy but just tried to answer their queries as best as she could. With time, she said, everybody will learn to live and then she wouldn’t be needed. She is no longer with us but asks Saman, she still feels the need to sit by the side of her mom and ask her advice.

A hard choice: Andrea Cortinis from Texas narrates the story of her mother who became a widow and a mother in the same month when she was just 22. She was almost broke. But she made a hard choice. She handed Andrea to her husband so Andrea could have a better life. Only a great mother could come up with such a great sacrifice. 

Solid as a Rock, Yet Soft as a Flower: Rama, from India, is a mom who happens to live for her kids. She went through Cancer, and survived. At times, according to her husband, she starts cursing the kids even but is never angry with them. That show of hardness is just for the betterment of her kids otherwise her heart is as soft as a flower. Salute to all such mothers who live for their kids.

Generous Mother: Cyndee Davis recalls how weak they were financially when she was a little girl. Her mother sometimes used to borrow money from her allowance to make ends meet. However, at the week-ends she would prepare steak for the family, and after Cyndee had had her share, she would offer half of hers to Cyndee. Cyndee would happily take it without ever understanding why she was doing so until Cyndee herself became a mother.

Unselfish: Sheri Smith recounts that she was put up for adoption as a child. Twenty years later, she found her and welcomed Sheri back home. She then found Sheri’s father who never had any other child.  She went through all the pain of separation from me and my father just because she wanted a better future for me. Such a selfless mother is hard to find these days. A bow to such a great mother.

Selfless: Brittany Walker, mom to 3 kids herself, tells of how her mom comes to her home everyday to babysit her grand-child. She also goes to pick the other two grand-children from school everyday. She takes them to appointments where Brittany cannot go due to her work at the office.  She doesn’t care as much for her own family as she cares for her daughters’ family. What an example of selfless mothers.

Always Nearby: Priscillia Hartling from Wisconsin tells that her best friend was her mother who liked the Red Male Cardinals. She was suffering from cancer and died a few months later. Before dying she had said that whenever in difficulty look for a Red Male Cardinal as that is what she would be. Twenty five years have gone by and whenever Priscillia is in difficulty he can locate a Red Male Cardinal nearby. Is it coincidence or it’s his mother – always nearby?

Let Us Summarize

Mothers are a gift of God. We just cannot even think what we would do without these angels. Every time we think of mothers, we come to think of the good moments they have provided us with. Even God has no replacement for a mother.  Let us wish they always stay near to us all through our lives.

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