11 Creative ideas to celebrate Mother’s day virtually- Make your Mom feel special!

Truth be told the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way life was and has forced us to find new and creative ways to stay connected while
social distancing. Expressing love over social media and staying connected through video calls and phone calls has become the new ‘normal’.

With mother’s day right around the corner, we at cate&chloe have made a list of creative ideas to make your mom feel special-

  • A virtual mother’s day surprise party
  • Get your family and friends of your mom to join the surprise party. This might be a great chance to involve people that your mum rarely gets to see. On this mother’s day give her the gift of togetherness and let her spend time with all her loved ones even if it’s virtual.

  • Take an art class together
  • It is a great opportunity to get involved in learning some artistic skills. While you are staying and home and practicing social distancing you can enroll in a painting class and spend a great time with your mom. Rekindle your bond over a glass of wine and painting lessons.

  • Virtual wine tasting
  • Make a list of all the varieties in advance so that both you and your mom can stock up or you can turn to services that deliver to your doorstep. Set up a zoom call to sip the wine together and compare experiences. If you want to make it extra special you can dress up fancy and do it the proper way.

  • Watch a movie
  • Spending time in front of the television might have become a regular thing during the pandemic-induced lockdowns. To make it extra special for the mother’s day celebration you can binge-watch mom-daughter TV shows or movies and then discuss them over facetime or text

  • Send a digital card 
  • Although the situation with the pandemic may cause a damper on all your special plans you can always turn back to the basics. Send your mother a virtual mother’s day card and express your love for her through it.

  • Host an online brunch
  • Place an order for food from any of the food delivery services like Ubereats or Postmate for both yourself and your mom. Set up a zoom call or facetime her to enjoy the special meal together. You can spend a good time over food and some drinks with your mom while practicing social distancing.

  • Make a nostalgic video
  • Gather some photo albums; pick out your favorite pictures of your mother, family photos, and pictures from her childhood. Scan all the photos and put them together in a video format. You can also add some soft background music to take it up a notch. Send it to her or play it for her over a zoom call.

  • Host a family night to honor mom
  • Talk to your siblings and your father and bring them in on the plan. Ask them to make time and host a group video call, sit down and talk to each other. Ask everyone to tell a story of a special memory with mom. There is nothing that will make her feel more special on mother’s day than spending time with all her children together.

  • Go on a virtual picnic
  • You cannot go on an actual picnic outdoors because we are all practicing social distancing but you can always do it at home. Plan a whole picnic spread, prepare meals and ask your mom to do the same. You can both sit down in your backyard and have a merry time while talking to each other over a video call.

  • Host a happy hour
  • If your mom is up for it you can host a virtual happy hour with her. All you will need to do before you start mixing up concoctions is send the required stuff to your mom as well. Then call her up and let the fun begin.

    • Send her a gift card

    Another back to basics idea that is also foolproof is that you can send her a gift card. Send her a gift card from cate&chloe for whatever amount you want. No woman ever says no to jewelry and it would be a great gift for your mother.

    Mother’s Day is one of the few occasions when we get to celebrate the women who gave birth to us and raised us into decent human beings. Nothing we do for them can ever be enough to express our gratitude but we can always put our best foot forward in making them feel special. 

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