10 Jewelry picks for your mom, under $50.

Women love jewelry. Mothers are no exception to this. To make her happy one can present some kind of jewelry to her as a gift. A number of gifts can be purchased at a reasonable price of $50 from various outlets and even on-line jewelry stores such as Cate & Chloe. To make it easy for you, we have created a jewelry collection of such gifts that cost under $50. Here is the collection:

The Collection

Family Birthstone Necklace: A hand-made necklace that shows the effort you have put in to bring that smile on her face. The necklace consists of a collection of family birthstones that act as the pendant. Takes 2-3 days to create and ship this necklace. However, at just $35 it’s the one gift your mom is going to love.

Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings: These one of a kind earrings are made from real flowers that have been pressed and dried. To make the gift for your mom, they are then bound together with gold plated silver. She will definitely love these $32 earrings .

Crystal Heart Necklace: A SWAROVSKI crystal heart pendant hanging around your mom’s neck will make the glow on her face shine more than ever. This Crystal Heart Pendant is shaped like a heart and when your mom sees it, you are definitely going to win some praise for yourself and that too only at $29.95

Mother/Daughter Necklace Pair: This one will be an ideal gift from a daughter to a mother.  The necklace represents the relation you share with your mom. Made of a pair of necklace, the pendent of one is smaller (symbolizing daughter) and the other is a bigger (symbolizing mother) heart. Priced at just $50 it is made from silver and carries a two year warranty with it. 

Jewelry Dish: This one for a mom who has a lot of jewelry that generally remains scattered all over her dressing table. Inscribed with the words “Remember I Love You Mom”, this dish is an ideal gift for her, and also a reminder of the relationship you share with her. What else would you want to give her for just $15?

IVY 18K Gold Plated Princess Cut CZ Crystal Pendant Necklace: Your mom can wear this elegant yet sophisticated necklace on any of her evenings such as anniversary or birthdays. With an 18” cable chain length and 1mm Round Cut Halo Stones, this also carries along with it a Jewelry Gift Box from Cate & Chloe at no extra cost. Originally priced at $70, it is now available at a discounted price of just $24.

EZRA 18 K Gold Infinity Plated Tennis Bracelet: This tennis bracelet is lined up with high quality stones and an infinity design. These bracelets do not demand an occasion to be worn, rather you can wear them at every occasion. Having a length of 7.5” and a stone size of 5 mm, they come packaged in a secure box. Cate & Chloe also include a Jewelry Gift Box along with it.

Disk Necklace: A disk necklace mounted on a card and made from .925 sterling silver is another perfect gift for your mom with the card saying all you want to. A simple piece of clean cloth is enough for polishing the necklace. Cost? Just $25.

Necklace with Names and Birthstone: A necklace personalized with names and birthstones around a tree pendant representing the heritage you and your mom share will be an ideal gift for her. Present this gift priced at $25.10 to her and let her know how close you are to her. 

Flower Ear Studs: Ear studs for your mom that are gold plated and embedded with crystal diamonds. These rose shaped studs, priced at $21.50 are going to bring joy to her whenever she wears them.

Let’s Conclude

A mom makes it sure that she keeps us happy whenever she is around. In turn, it is also our duty to do the same to her – keep her happy and smiling. We can never give her the love she gives to us, but we can appreciate what she does for us through a gift that is useful to her and also not very costly. At Cate & Chloe, you can find a number of such gifts. Go buy her one.

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