August VIP Bling Buzz

Even though the days are longer, it seems as if summer time is melting away at high speed as we begin the last month of this beloved season and the last chance for a summer vacation! So grab the girlfriends, a boyfriend, or the family and jet, set, and go! Take off for somewhere you can thoroughly enjoy the summer sun one last time before fall.  Relax on a beach in Miami, take a leisurely stroll down a boardwalk in LA, or take a dip in your resort pool in Mexico!

Whether you’re keeping it local or going abroad, one thing we all love to look out for are those fun travel and vacay fashion trends! So what travel style will you be sporting on your trip?  We’re envisioning an effortlessly chic look with loose summer dresses or rompers, strappy sandals, a wide brimmed fedora and of course some key accessories to bring it all together. There’s a time and a place for big and bold jewelry, but summer just isn’t one of them! This summer less is truly more! Accessorize with thinner stackable rings and cuffs, dainty pendant necklaces, and some simple but fabulous studs. PS silver is classic but don’t be scared to try something new and throw on some rose gold! So jet, set and go this August but don’t forget to pack your favorite C&C pieces!

Perk of the Month:

See something extra in your VIP box? It’s no mistake! We have included the Lynne “Pretty” Crisscross Earrings as a free gift from us here at Cate & Chloe! These beautiful designer inspired earrings retail at $99.00 on our website! This lovely silver plated C&C piece features one silver strand crisscrossed by another dazzling CZ encrusted strand.  These are a staff favorite at Cate & Chloe for its’ creative spin on your standard silver or CZ studs.  With Lynne you have the comfort and convenience of a classic stud, but with a bit more flare and lot more chic!  

Press Alert:

Celeb sighting! We absolutely love seeing celebrities rock Cate & Chloe jewelry! Parvati Shallow, winner of the popular reality TV show Survivor, wore the Cate & Chloe Erica “Noble” Ring as she hosted the Survivor Live show! We might add that she looked absolutely fabulous while doing so! 

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