10 Romantic Love Stories About The Valentine’s Day From Around The Globe.

Valentine’s day has always been special for lovers all across the globe. This day is special because couples can spend quality time together and give their love a special memory that can be remembered for a long time. If you are in love, you would surely have some interest in reading love stories. Also, Valentine’s Day 2021 is about to arrive and this is the perfect time to read some stories filled with feelings of love and passion. This could be the perfect way to add some extra feeling to your own love life. So, here are some romantic Love Stories on Valentine’s day that can arouse your feeling of love. 

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  • The Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home
  • It was our first valentine’s day after we gave birth to our first child just a few weeks before Valentine’s day. An outing with a newborn baby can be complicated, so it was better for us to stay home and do the best we can. So, I decided to bake a pizza and cut the same in a shape that resembles a heart. This was simple but great for us and we decided to do this every year and now our son is also there eating the pizza. 

  • 14 Gifts Of Valentine’s Day 
  • One random year, I decided to give 14 gifts to my husband which started with a small gift on the 1st and ended up with a special one on the 14th. It is crazy that I have been doing that still and don’t have any plans to end this tradition. 

  • 14 Notes To My Love 
  • I have always wanted to express the love I have but it is very difficult. So, last year I decided to express the same but in a unique way. I rolled 14 little paper pieces and wrote 14 reasons why I love my partner. That was special and I would love to express my love differently this year. 

  • Sorry On Valentines 
  • After I ended up in an ugly fight with my boyfriend, I decided to make things right myself on Valentine’s day. I booked a café and called him there to receive 14 roses from -the staff and a special gift from myself which I don’t want to reveal. It was very special to make him happy. 

  • I revealed my inner artist 
  • It was going to be our first Valentine’s together so I decided to do something for her which I had not done for anyone before. I sketched her and left it in her car. I didn’t wish her at all because I wanted the wish to be really special. I knew she had received it when I got her call, screaming and kissing over the phone in excitement. 

  • Love In A Box
  • On my first valentine’s day outing, I gifted my girl a box that had a few surprises which were very special. Since that day, I gift her a box every Valentine’s day and every year I try my best to make it unique and amazing. 

  • Showing Love To My Broken Partner 
  • Last Valentine’s day, my boyfriend got injured due to an accident and all our plans got off. However, I decided to make it special by visiting him with a bunch of flowers, a chocolate cake, and a video game for him. We spent the day together and it surprisingly turned out to be the best day. 

  • Chocolate Delight
  • My wife has a unique obsession with chocolates so I decided to give the best chocolate treat to her. I bought a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart and chocolate bucket full of chocolates for every type. She was amazed and had tears in her eyes. 

  • Double Date 
  • Last year on Valentine’s day, me, my wife and my parents decided to spend Valentine's together and go on a double date. We went to a very good place and got the table decorated to add to the feeling of love and enjoyed the valentine's dinner there. 

  • 4 Days of surprises 
  • I and my girlfriend are together for 5  years now and last year was the first year when I did not give her anything for the first 3 days of Valentine’s week. I acted strange for the first 3 days and then loaded her with surprises, hugs, and kisses for the next four days to make it unique.

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