Swarovski Fascinating Rings for Your Remarkable Occasion

Rings are considered one of the most popular gifting items for showing the depth of the relationship between any two people. Maybe this is the reason why the bride and groom exchange rings at a wedding. 

When you are buying a ring for a remarkable occasion, you need to put in extra thought because a ring would cost you a significant amount of money, and the person you would give it to will most probably wear it for ages. You will not want to get something that is inappropriate or that you might not like by your loved ones.

The Right Choice

If you are spending money on something, you should always be sure that you are getting the value for your pay. The stones on the rings decide to act as the major factor in deciding the value of the ring. So if you are going to buy a ring and want a worthy stone, then Swarovski is the right option for you. Swarovski rings are famous worldwide for their genuine stone that is only of the top quality.

To help you with choosing the perfect ring for your special someone, here are some options with Swarovski stones that are worth considering:-

ESME ‘ESTEEMED’ 18K White Gold Plated Swarovski Ring

The Esme ‘Esteemed’ is a ring that catches the people’s eye in just a single glance. It is a perfect fit for those who wish to get double band rings. Here is what makes the ring so special:-

  • This ring is made from a band that has been plated with 18k gold.
  • White gold is used in the plating of the ring band, which gives it a unique look and makes it appropriate for daily wear.
  • The ring has a double band. The double band is what makes the all-over look of the ring much more alluring.
  • The first band of the ring has a line of smaller Swarovski stones embedded in the ring.
  • On the second side, there is a single larger stone. The stone used in the ring is top quality and gives a ring the sparkle that is a must for every ring.

KENZIE 18K Gold Plated Swarovski Interlocking Rings

KENZIE is a ring that is as unique as its name. Interlocked rings have gained a lot of popularity over the years, and Kenzie is a ring with interlocking but in different shades. The use of different shades in the rings makes it different from most other rings. 

  • There has been 18k gold used for the plating of the ring.
  • There are two shades used in the ring, which include rose gold and white gold.
  • The ring has a triple interlocking. This ring is also an eternity band.
  • A single Swarovski crystal has been placed on the ring. The crystal in this ring is 100% genuine.
  • No lead or nickel is used in the ring.

NICOLE ‘Victorious’ Rose Gold Plated Ring

If elegance were a ring, then it would be this one. This one-of-a-kind ring has three bands that are crisscrossed and have CZ stones on them. This ring is just not elegant but is also enough to be the center of attraction wherever it goes.

  • For the plating of the ring, 18K gold has been used in the color rose gold. Rose gold adds to the elegance of the ring.
  • All of the three bands have a crisscross design and are entirely embedded with CZ stones. The stones on the ring give a ring enough bling that it will not go unnoticed by anyone.
  • It comes in various sizes and can be worn on most fingers.

FELICITY ‘JOY’ 18K White Gold Plated Swarovski Ring

Felicity is an elegant ring that has 3 Swarovski stones that have a significant size. All of the three stones lined together are perfect. This ring can go with anything, so if it is being worn to a date or a grand dinner, it would be perfect for all occasions.

  • The ring has white gold plating that is done with 18K gold.
  • All of the three stones used on the ring are Swarovski stones, and therefore, the quality of the stones cannot be questioned.
  • The three Swarovski stones in the ring are perfectly aligned. The stone in the middle is slightly larger than the two stones placed on either side of the center stone.
  • There is no usage of lead or nickel in this ring.

LEONA ‘FATE’ 18k White Gold Swarovski Ring

Rings with an elegant center stone can never go wrong, and that is precisely what FATE is. Fate has a single band that has a crystal stone in the center. The size of the stone and its quality is enough for it to be the talk of the town.

  • It has an 18k white gold plating.
  • The entire band of the ring is covered with small stones on the front side. All of these stones are placed in a perfect line.
  • The smaller stones surround the Swarovski crystal stone placed at the center of the band. The center stone is huge and is of top quality.
  • The base material of the ring is brass, and there is no lead or nickel used to make the ring.
All of these rings come in various sizes and can be purchased online from stores like Cateandchloe jewelry from the comfort of your home. You can choose from these options the design that you like the most. No matter which one you choose, you should know that all of these rings are better than the other in their ways.

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