Showcase Your One-of-a-Kind Love with C&C Beautiful Rings to your loved one!

Do you want to express your love for that someone special and show her how special she is for you? 

Choose from a wide range of beautiful fashion jewelry rings available at Cate and Chloe.

Express your inner feelings for her by choosing the perfect promise ring for her. 

Are you aware of what a promise ring is?

A wedding ring or engagement ring is worn in the ring finger or the fourth finger of the left hand. However, a promise ring can be worn in any finger in any hand. A promise ring is a symbol of love and commitment between couples who want to get engaged or married in the future. It symbolizes promise and commitment to each other even in difficult times. Promise rings are smaller, less expensive than engagement or wedding rings but priceless for the couples.

Here are some elegant and beautiful C&C rings that you can give your beloved to express your love and commitment towards her.

1) C&C Kenzie 18K Gold Plated Swarovski Interlocking ring

Three is a magic number and this triple interlocking ring consists of three different tones (yellow, rose, and white gold) of 18K gold to give a unique tricolor effect. Each gold plating has its significance. Rose gold symbolizes eternal love, yellow gold symbolizes faith and loyalty, while white gold stands for purity. This exclusive and enchanting interlocking ring has a Swarovski crystal embedded in it making it captivating.

2) C&C Carmen Lively Gold Plated Cage Ring

This beautiful piece of lively gold plated cage ring is indeed lively and enthralling. This glittering and sparkling ring would look great in any finger of your special one. This great statement piece would make your loved one's style stand a class apart.

3) C&C Laya "Ruler" 18K Rose Gold Plated Swarovski Ring

This graceful and aesthetically appealing ring would really complete your loved one's look. This ring is a blend of modern and traditional theme and a perfect addition to your beloved's fashion jewelry collection. This beautiful 18K rose gold plated ring has original Swarovski crystals fixed into it. This adds to the charm and grace of this ring.

4) C&C Elizabeth 'Faithful' 18K Gold Plated Swarovski Ring

Are you looking out for a ring that is classy, elegant, and timeless too? This C&C Elizabeth tri-colored gold plated ring is the perfect gift that your dearest will cherish forever. This C&C ring consists of three individual rings plated in yellow, white, and rose gold with round-cut genuine Swarovski crystals all over. This unmatched and dazzling beauty is sure to capture the attention of others due to the polish and shine on it. Whether your girl goes out with you for a romantic date or goes out with her friends for a party, this C&C Elizabeth ring is the perfect statement fashion jewelry for her.

5) C&C Marilyn 'Glamorous' Gold Stacked Ring Set

This exquisite 6 piece Marilyn Gold Stacked Ring Set would be an ideal gift for her and a perfect value addition to her fashion jewelry collection. She can create a magnificent layered look with these six rings by stacking them in a single finger or putting them in different fingers. No matter how your dear one chooses to wear these Marilyn Gold Stacked Rings, the diminutive work in each ring lets her create that uniqueness about her whenever she goes out.

6) C&C Kylie 'Love Knot' Ring

This C&C ring is simple and pleasant. The love knot at the center of this ring is its talking point. This Kylie 'Love Knot' Ring is surely the one to step up your girl's style. The  beautiful knot at the center is the symbol of strong connection and bonding between the two of you.

In addition to these, C&C has a collection of other rings too that would be a great way to express your love for her.

  • C&C Erica 'Noble' ring
  • C&C Nicole 'Victorious' Rose Gold Plated Ring
  • C&C Kara 'Pristine' 18K Gold Plated Stacked Ring Set
  • C&C Leona 'Fate' 18K Rose Gold Swarovski Ring
  • C&C Diana 'Royal' Gold Plate Diamond Pattern Cuff Ring
  • C&C Esme Esteemed 18K White Gold Plated Swarovski Flex Ring

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