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Love for a beloved woman can’t be measured with materialistic things like money, size, etc. After all, the greatness of the gift lies in the intent of the presenter, not on the cost. Sometimes something tiny and personalized means more to the recipient especially women. A pair of an earing that is just under $20 can create an everlasting impression. After all, true love ought to bloom and will be encouraged by the way you exhibit your gift.

Well, there is no upper limit for buying jewelry for women . We all have seen costly wedding jewelry that is available in different designs and makes. To get a more clear idea of the prices, you can go through the C&C Bridal jewelry range on their online store. The priceless and mesmerizing designs will surely tempt you. Visit the cateandchloe Amazon store to have a glance at the latest jewelry trends.

Well, don’t be disheartened, if you don’t have a high budget to spend. You can go for the evergreen casual jewelry that is used for daily wear. How about buying a budget-friendly earings.  Women like to wear matching earrings with their dress daily. They change it almost every day. So, buying a pair of earrings on a special occasion like a special date with your girlfriend or wife’s birthday, earrings sound like a perfect gift.

Once you have decided to buy earrings, the next thing is to set your budget. It is necessary as the earrings can go from a lower price like $20 to the highest price at $20000. If you have less knowledge about the jewelry then here we are giving you tips to buy some trendy earrings that will suit your pocket

Stylish studs

Studs are all-time fashion earrings for women. They are available in beautiful colors, sizes, and trendy designs. Some sparkle studs in diverse shades like green, black, and pink which give a dazzling look. The beauty of the stud is that they can be easily worn and every woman feels comfortable wearing them. It is the one category of the earrings for which you don’t have to think twice. A square, diamond, star, round, diamond shape studs are the favorite choices of women.

Delicate Dangles

If your lady love is a stylish woman then she would love to receive a gift of delicate dangles with thin strings. The dangling earrings are the latest fashion. They come in a long length. But don’t you worry. These are lightweight and easy to carry. These dangles come in different styles. Once you go to an online store like C&C, you can find a variety of designs. Most importantly all the dangles in the casual jewelry range will fit into your budget.

Brass Earrings

It's all-time fashion jewelry for women. A well painted and cut in a beautiful shape a brass earring looks exclusive. They go with every outfit and are easily available on the online stores. Brass earrings are so common that you can see them in every women’s collection. But they are so popular that every year a new innovative trend in the brass cuts is seen. The metal doesn’t require any extra care as compared to the other metals and if they are maintained well, they can stay with the woman for a long time. Buying a brass earing will be a wiser choice for you to gift.

Mixed Metal Hangings

It is one of the latest trending gifts that will surely be liked by the lady whom you gift. The style and sparkling look of mixed metal hangings are no less than a castle pair of earrings. The white or any other color metal strings available in colors like yellow, pink, peach can be shaped in round, squalled or plain strings form. To get an idea of the same, you can visit the online store and can choose a style that will perfectly suit the woman who you would like to gift.


The latest jewelry trends depict that those days are gone when to buy a gift of jewelry pieces for women, men had to loosen up their pockets and spend a heavy amount. These days low budget-jewelry is the choice of smart women.. A stylish pair of earrings can create a huge impact when you wrap it nicely in a box and present to your beloved woman. Hurry up! Look for the discount on the online jewelry store, you might get them at a price of less than $20 that will even save your money!






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