8 Jewelry hacks you wish you knew sooner!

Looking jazzy and dashing is a huge part of our lives. We all want to look good and attract at least some wanted attention toward ourselves.

Jewelry plays a huge role in the lives of women who spend many hours and even more dollars on their favorite piece of bling. But handling jewelry is not as easy as you think. There are some pretty frustrating things that happen when you wear and store jewelry that can occupy a lot of your time.

To cope with such shortcomings that aren’t really major but frustrating nonetheless, there are some hacks that we would want to share with you.

Keep it shining

Costume jewelry is easy to come by and is even easier on the pocket when compared to real jewelry. But a downside of using costume jewelry is that it gets tarnished over time and becomes quite unattractive. A simple trick to rejuvenate such pieces is to use nail polish! Simply use some clear nail polish, apply a thin coat over the jewelry piece and watch the dazzle come right back. Just be sure to make sure it's dry before you throw it on.

Length adjustments

There are many instances where you wished that a piece of jewelry you were gifted or even the one you got, was a bit longer in length. It is mostly a simple case of making it fit you or simply making it longer to go with the clothes you’re wearing. Now of course no one expects you to go to the jeweler right before dinner to get a necklace extended. A better solution would be to use Jewelry hacks to increase the length using a bracelet. Hook one end of the bracelet to an end of the necklace and do the same with the remaining ends too. This will make the length longer. All you have to worry about is to make sure you select a bracelet that goes a bit with your necklace so that it doesn't look messy from behind.

Know when to take it off

One very important thing to remember while dealing with jewelry is to remember when to take it off. Yes, you know exactly what we mean. There are many instances when people do not take off some jewelry before taking a bath, putting on perfume, or working out. This promotes corrosion and decreases the life of the piece. So taking off the jewelry before exposing yourself to sweat, soap, and perfumes is a very basic trick to increase its life.

Tangle-free jewelry

Storing jewelry the right way is as important as knowing how to carry it off. There are many instances when slender necklaces and bracelets get tangled up. This might happen while they are stored or while you travel. A neat trick to avoid such circumstances is to use plastic wrap. Simply layout delicate jewelry on a piece of plastic wrap and cover it with another piece of the wrap. Pinch the corners and the edges together and then store it. This way your precious belongings will never get tangled up.

Costume jewelry color hack

Have you ever noticed that costume jewelry does not look as bright and nice paired with outfits as jewelry made from precious elements such as gold and silver. Well obviously there is a  huge difference in the qualities between the two types but there is a way to make costume ones look better with the clothes you wear. Simply select the pieces that are darker in color. According to experts at Cate&Chloe, dark metal looks a lot better and appears to be of higher quality while costume jewelry of lighter shade easily gives away its true quality.

Sensitive skin hack

At times you will notice that your ear has developed a rash or your neck experiences redness while you wear certain ornaments. People have varying skin types and not all metals are friendly to all skin types. Some metals react with certain skin types and cause redness, itchiness, rashes, and other such complications. If you’re suffering from sensitive skin issues then it's better to apply some Vaseline before throwing on the expensive metals. Many people suggest using steroid cream but its usage might not be safe for everyone.

A special hack for silver jewelry

Silver is a precious metal and it also corrodes with time. AIr holds a lot of water in the form of moisture which is an agent for corrosion of silver and many other metals. No one wants to see their precious silver ornaments ruined by a little moisture in the air. So in order to save your precious belongings from this force of nature, it's best to use certain safeguards. A neat trick is to pack chalk along with your jewelry. Chalk is known to absorb water and helps keep your silver jewelry looking new for longer.

Tighten things up

It is a very common thing to have a ring stuck on your finger because it might have been small but the opposite is also true. Yes, a ring may also sometimes be a little loose for your finger and even though it is not talked about a lot, it is quite a common occurrence too. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you lost a few pounds making the ring fit loosely, then we have a good solution for it. Layer the inside of the ring with some silicone adhesive. Put an amount that you require. If you get it too tight you can easily get it off and start over again.

Getting the ring off

Well, we obviously had to discuss this one. Rings do get stuck on fingers more often than you think. A common hack is to use a lot of soap to lubricate it and push it out. Or you could try the old thread technique. Start coiling a piece of thread from the place that the ring is not being able to pass all the way up to the ring. Then using a slim object pass from under the ring. Now simply start pulling on the thread to unwind it and watch the magic happen!

Jewelry hacks are some truly useful pieces of knowledge. They come in handy when you are least expecting them and to use them for solutions seems like a blessing too. Refer to these or simply keep these hacks in mind for any trouble with the bling you might experience.

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