Look of the Week: Classy and Fabulous

"A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous!" - Coco Chanel. As we say goodbye to the oversized sweaters and snow boots, we are just giddy with excitement to break out the sandals, maxi dresses, and those bright Spring colors! Be mindful, though, as you may still find yourself bundling up with those crop tops and tanks as the warm weather makes its slow and steady entrance. Our fashion advice for this limbo time of the year? We suggest keeping it classy and polished for these next few weeks until Spring fashion is really in full swing. This stunning rose gold ensemble is a great transition set and perfect for all seasons, leaving you looking classy and fabulous - all year round!

Classy and Fabulous $250

Carly "Little, Womanly" Stud Earrings $125

Linda "Pretty" Rose Gold Bracelet $125

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