Why I Love Mom Pinterest Contest! #GiveYourHeart

3 Lucky Pinners can WIN our May VIP Box for Mother's Day!

In honor of the Season of Celebration, we're encouraging you to #GiveYourHeart.

Why not celebrate with fabulous new jewelry?

Pinterest Rules:

Step 1: Follow our Pinterest board, "Why I Love Mom #GiveYourHeart" 

Step 2: Create a board of things that remind you of your mom and title the board, "Why I Love Mom"

Step 3: Repin up to, but no more than, 5 pins from our mom board and include the hashtag #GiveYourHeart.

Step 4: Pin more mom-related pins to make a board of 30 total pins. These can be from ANYWHERE
(5 C&C pins + 25 other pins = 30 pins)

Step 5: Submit your Pinterest email for entry by May 4th by 6AM PST.

Got it? Good! 

Ready to Pin? Get started.
Also, don't forget to Submit your entry! Submit.

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