10 Amazing Gifting Ideas for Gifting Your Women This 'International Women's Day!

Without women, a home is incomplete. To pay respect to this aspect of our life, countries worldwide celebrate women’s day. Women have contributed in a large way to the family and society as well. International Women’s day is one such day when all such women must be appreciated for all the efforts they put on for the family throughout the year. One way to do so is present them with valuable gifts that they can value and use as well.  Cate and Chloe have prepared a list of such gift ideas from which one can choose to impress their women.
The Gifts
Jewelry Gifts: International Women’s Day or not, Jewelry is what every woman of the world desires to possess. Pick out some jewelry gifts such as matching bangles, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and a storage box to organize all these items. The look on her face will tell you how she has loved the gift.
Sunglasses: If the woman of the house is working or is frequently going out, Sunglasses are a perfect gift for her. Buy her the polarized glasses with various shades that not only save her beautiful eyes from the sun but also look elegant while wearing those sunglasses.
Perfumes: Much like jewelry gifts, women prefer to have the best of perfumes in their closet. So whenever she is going out somewhere, see to it that her wonderful presence can be smelt from far. Pick something from a floral accent or an extravagant scent for her personality.
Smart Kitchen Appliances: When she is home, most of the time she spends in the kitchen cooking delicacies for the family. For such a woman, pick up some best-known brand kitchen items to make her life easier. Believe me she is going to love this.
Photo Frames: Another item for your mom, wife, sister, or daughter could be some elegant photo frames. They could use the photo frames to hold their memories that they always cherish. Besides photo frames, you could also present them with some well-known wall hangings to decorate their house with. After all, women always like to show off their house to everyone.
An iPad Case:  Everyone possesses an iPad today, and for a mom, a sister, or your wife, you could present her with an iPad case that would keep it secure and safe. A better idea as a gift could also be presenting her with an iPad itself (if she does not already have one). She would be delighted at the care you have shown to her.
Books or Novels: Well if she is a book-worm, give her a book that she often mentions or a book by the author of her choice. Besides working all the day at her workplace or in the kitchen this would enable her to get some rest and entertainment as well. If you do not know what is her choice you can buy her a book of recipes that she can cook in the kitchen.
Flowers: Yet another favourite of all women are flowers. A well-prepared bouquet of flowers that bring a smile on her face is sufficient for the day. She would remember it the year throughout and even tell you about it the next year even.
Hand Bags: An elegant handbag that can carry all her accessories easily while she moves about is just another of the fine gifts that she would appreciate. A bag that is trendy and stylish with a great storage space would just be fine for her this Women’s International Day.
Rechargeable Stun Gun: Women are no longer homemakers only. They stand equally as bread-earners for the family. Some women even work in night shifts. For such a lady, the ideal gift on this International Women’s Day can be no better than a Rechargeable Stun Gun that can provide her security when she is going to her workplace or coming back home.
Let’s Wrap It
Women earn the same or may be even more respect than men do. The services they offer at home or at their workplace are commendable. It is our duty to appreciate them for the selfless work they do. Let us not miss this opportunity this Women’s International Day.

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