Fashion Trends of Winter 2021 that might take you by surprise

We may not want to accept it or may don’t even care enough to notice it, but the days are getting chillier. With the sun going down earlier than it used to it will surely make you bring about the changes in your wardrobe anytime soon. Instead of being taken by surprise by the sudden change, it is better to be well informed of the latest trends and hypes out there. You wouldn’t want to be the only one seeing strutting around a dress that has lost its charm in the eyes of the fashionable ones. 

We understand it’s quite hard to figure out what trends are on the rise and which outfits can sit the winter out. To make you a little less stressed on this topic we have carefully picked out the trends that will shine this winter. It will help you arrange not only your wardrobe but also your makeup routine, jewelry box, and so on.

The fluffy mega knits

This one is probably a haven for those who rank comfort above fashion because this trend has both aligned at the same level. Bringing warmth to you, mega knits will probably be seen in trend this winter. The thick fluffy clothing can be easily matched with sandals and some heels. There is no limit to the color of the knits and there are also no bounds to the number of layers. The dresses flow beautifully with the curvature of a woman’s body. Most of the good ones that we have seen are monochromatic or simply have a fade off in their own shade. While some have high necks others have scarfs to keep your neck cozy and comfortable. These will probably be the most hyped attire due to their versatility and looks.

Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur never made it to the spotlight due to the many replicas and cheap knock-offs that brands were able to produce. Although if you are able to get your hands on some real faux fur during the Christmas holiday then you should probably add it to your collection because it is all set to go big this winter season. It not only keeps one warm but it radiates some insane amount of class but only if you pull it off well. It can go with a lot of things but you have to be careful while coordinating the colors. A downside of faux might be the painstaking maintenance that goes into making it look fresh every time you throw it on but still, it’s not impossible.

Chandelier Earrings

We all thought that the age of long earrings dropping down from the earlobes was over but we were quite wrong. The chandelier earrings are set to come back with a bang around New Year and Christmas. New designers are making them lighter than before and have worked on the design so that they give minimum sway. They work for all-night events, formal and informal. You can pair these up with a faux fur coat but you have to make sure you pair up the colors properly.

Pearls everywhere

Ever noticed how movies and other popular forms of entertainment mostly showed pearls worn by aged women? Well if you did notice then you would understand why it is so important to mention this. Pearl necklaces and other pearl jewelry are now being worn by younger women too and they are looking downright radiant in them. They have broken the age-old stereotype and teens love combining it with leather jackets and denim jeans for these winters. Pearl Jewelry is no doubt expensive but you can wait for a Holiday sale for your favorite piece to become cheaper. Also, surprisingly It is not only the women who are taking to pearls for their style statement. Harry Styles has also been spotted wearing a single pearl earring on his Met Gala appearance.

Simple Bold Gold

Whoever said that gold was evergreen was probably right. Gold has been a favorite for a long time for many designers who managed to mold and fit gold into almost all types of accessories. Well, this winter the hype is being given to the thick and bulky gold ornaments. It obviously might cost you a small fortune but experts at Cate&Chloe explain how the festive season brings about various discounts and sales when they might become affordable for you. Also, you need to understand that if you're wearing yellow gold then you also need to be careful about the color of the clothes you decide to wear so that your precious gold bling stands out from the heavy winter clothing.

Boots with fur

Did you expect the furry boots to go out of fashion that easily? I hope you did not because they are here to stay. They are making an even bigger impact this time around as compared to last time. It may not be the easiest pick off the shoe racks as it is not easy to pair them up with sleek dresses and other outfits. But that does not mean there aren’t options. Trench coats are also becoming a trend and these boots go perfectly with them. You could also try pairing them up with bulky leather jackets, oversized tops, heavy fur coats, and so on.

These winters are bringing with them a few trends that are in the limelight. Some of them are alive from last year while some are new ones that people did not expect. So if you want to get some ideas and stay updated simply go through this article.

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