7 2K22 Jewelry Trends That Are Just Too Pretty to Ignore

2022 didn’t really have the start that we all expected. The new Omicron variant has pretty much put a stop sign ahead of most of the travel plans anyone would have made. With social distancing in place, parties and outings seem like a distant dream. But it isn’t going to be here forever. Just like last year, everyone is geared up to fight the known enemy and overcome it quicker than last time. Sitting at home gives most fashion enthusiasts the time to ponder over the jewelry trends that will be hyped up once the partying and outings start. This simply means more time for you to plan, combine, segregate, and choose the favorites among the jewelry that will be high up on the trends. You can easily plan ahead and give as much time to the bling decisions as you want.

So let's have a look at some of the trends that we should be expecting to hit the jewelry part of the fashion outlook this year.

Dangle all the way

Huge dangly earrings that fall down from the earlobe and brush against your collar bone will definitely be the thing for this year. According to the fashion experts at Cate&Chloe Bright, shiny, and elegant ones that can add some extra glow to your face will be an ideal choice for the ones looking to roll with class. The best part about them is that you don't have to necessarily wear them on formal occasions. Simply find any semi-formal outfit like a smart sweater and you’re good to go. Make sure you give a little thought to the color combination before throwing them on. Don’t try to wear them with a hoodie or a t-shirt as it will simply look very odd. If you’re going to shop for some heave danglers then be ready to give your ears a nice round of exercise for the evening.

Chunky charms

The time to fear bright colors and bulky accessories is over. The 2022 jewelry trends are going to witness some of the high fashion being blended into everyday wear. We are talking about heavy rings with exotic colors and bulky bracelets that can catch your eye before anything else does. It definitely won't be easy pairing them up with your everyday wear but the trick is to complement the color scheme. If the jewelry is bright and bulky then your clothes should be along the same lines too. Baggy sweaters and sneakers with these bulky ornaments will surely give you an outgoing and jazzy vibe that you have been looking for.

Face mask chains

With the introduction of face masks in the lives of literally every person on earth, there had to be a fashion trend building around it. Face mask chains were slow to get the attention but they got there fair and square. Bulky colorful chains paired up with bright face masks are going to be the thing. These chains are gonna come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Hanging from the corner of masks and bringing in the exciting look of chains on your faces, you can let your creativity flow while pairing them up. You can experiment with the location of the hooks and the length of the chains. You can let them stick to your face or let them hang all the way down to your chest. Whatever you choose, the fashion statement is so new that almost everything will be exciting and will be accepted.

Bringing in the Brooches

Brooches were thought to be a thing of the past and no one really thought of experimenting much with them in the last couple of years. But this year a new Fashion jewelry trend is emerging with custom-made and designer brooches being flaunted as bling. It didn't take much for the fashion enthusiasts to figure out that a custom-made brooch spelling out the name of a company like Gucci will look just fabulous on a Gucci overcoat. But you don't have to simply stick to companies. You can practically get a brooch to spell out almost anything. You can get your name, your custom design, or a logo that you might want to carry proudly on your chest. People will surely be going all the way by getting diamond studded and gold plated brooches made. Of course, you don't have to spend a fortune. You can get simple metallic ones made with your own text to wear around.

Nameplate necklaces

You might think of it as kiddish and something that might not be a part of your jewelry collection but you will most probably have to give in to this trend as it is blowing up all over the world. Names, zodiac signs, lucky numbers, and so on are the top choices for these custom and blingy necklaces that can be paired up with casual as well as formal attires. With Bella Hadid recently sporting one of these with her iconic fashion sense, it is sure to be a favorite among the youth in the time to come. People are wasting no time in ordering these from various brands who are quickly getting their promotion game up to promote these necklaces. It won't be long before this trend takes in bracelets, face masks, and other products in the loop.

Fashion trends are mostly followed up very aggressively by fashion enthusiasts all over the world. With the world experiencing lockdowns and curfews people have ample amount of time to go through these trends and gear up for the parties to show off their bling. You can go through this article to be prepared and be in the game when the time comes to get your A-game out in dressing yourself up.

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