5 Affordable Ways to Say I Love You - Spread The Love!

Valentine's day is approaching and I am sure you have been losing some hair worried about the expenses coming your way. Yes, there is no denying that valentine’s day has now become more of a marketing product than an actual day to be with your loved ones. Expensive restaurants, luxurious gifts, and overpriced activities now take center stage when couples try to impress each other by shelling out huge amounts of money. So if you are stressed then you probably need to consider what I have to say.

Why not make Valentine's day meaningful again? Why not concentrate on the core principles of this beautiful day? Cupid never checked your bank balance while shooting his arrow your way. Nor did Saint Valentine consider your budget before being martyred.

So why do we need to make money such a huge factor on this day when it should, in fact, be all about love?

On that note here are a few low-budget and truly romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Bring out the chef in you

Cross out the expensive restaurants. Leave out the table bookings. There is no need to spend your precious money on such expensive tactics. Instead, you should plan on cooking dinner yourself at home. Cooking the meal yourself is known as one of the most highly held romantic activities. Besides having some smart cutlery with and seating at your place, you only need to buy a few ingredients for the meal you are about to cook which won’t cost you much. Go for a simple recipe that you are confident about.

To make the experience even better do not forget to take good care of the lighting and ambiance. Go for yellow light but make sure it’s not too bright. Also, try to get in some light music in the mix to keep the mood light and lively.

The classic movie date

A movie date is a classic valentine’s day activity. If you know your loved one enough then you should know what kind of movie he/she is into. Even though the idea is to save money, you can still think of booking business class seats. They won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will still give you a cozy experience and some privacy. Make sure you leave out some money for cold drinks and snacks for munching alongside. 

All-time favorite- Gift hamper

Preparing a gift hamper has been the all-time favorite Valentine's day activity. A truly unique and luxurious gift hamper usually costs a lot but you can look out for Valentine's day sales at places like Cate&Chloe which can give you a huge range of options. You simply need to have a general understanding of your loved one’s taste and you will most probably be able to see your partner overjoyed with excitement as they open the hamper. 

Make sure you order the right size to have everything perfect on the day. It’s important to look out for such sales weeks before and prepare your cart. 

Netflix and Chilllll

If you’re gen-z then you can easily relate to this reference. Apart from being a super cost-saving technique, it has many interpretations. But for now, we would rather stick to the definition of simply watching a movie, spending some personal time, and ordering in. 

The trick is to select the right movie. Even though we call it Netflix and chill, you don’t have to just stick to Netflix. You can go to Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and other streaming services to find the movie you are looking for. Also, you don’t just have to stick to movies. If both of you are willing to start a series then you can binge-watch all-day long. 

As far as ordering food is concerned, you can go all out and order from multiple restaurants at once. Many couples these days prefer getting some beer or other alcoholic beverages to make the experience even more fun. Don’t drink too much as you want, don't want to pass out or start having fears of a massive hangover the next day.

Hikes and Picnics

Hikes may not be the first choice for Valentine’s Day date but if you know how to keep things interesting a hike can be one of the most memorable dates ever. Choose a trail that is not too tough and has enough shade on the way. You want a pleasurable walking experience and a spot to have a picnic. 

Try not to get alcohol involved with your drinks and snacks as the walk back might not go well with it. You can leave alcohol for later and instead focus on other activities and fun talks. Hikes can be quite romantic and you can get to know each other like never before. It’s important to understand that silence also plays an important role during such activities and one should know how to enjoy it.

Home massage setup

A true lover knows the sweet spots and favorite techniques to use for their loved ones during a massage. Many couples love nothing better than to get treated for massages on a special day. So you can probably order some nice essential oils, scrubs, and other things which are on a Valentines Day Sale for the massage, and setting up the massage bed or simply the bed to treat each other for massages. To add to the experience you can probably diffuse some lavender oil or get some incense sticks into the play. Play some sweet ambient music to set the mood and you are good to go. 

Since it's Valentine’s day you should try giving the massage for a little longer than usual.

Valentine’s day has now become a day that many see as a day of spending huge amounts of money to get the perfect experience. But people forget that the experience mostly depends on how and what you plan. Money does play a role but it certainly does not have to burn a huge hole in your savings. Try to keep things simple and focus on activities that both you and your partner can enjoy. You can go through a list of these aforementioned activities for inspiration.

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