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Look of the Week: Back to Nature 0

For this Look of the Week, we are drawing our style inspiration from the great and beautiful outdoors! As we welcome Spring with open arms, we must be mindful that our bold, flashy Spring ensembles (sadly) aren't always best for all occasions, such as the office or boardroom. Featuring a chic silver bangle and necklace set, you will look pristine and polished, while still channeling the beauty of this lovely season with leaf inspired designs. We know your 9 to 5 grind might be gruesome when the forecast is sunny, so keep the outdoors at arms reach with this must-have Look of the Week!

Back To Nature $297

Laurel "Nature" Leaf Necklace $99

Mara "Light, Aspire" Bangle $99

Look of the Week: Vibrant Essentials 0

Spring is here and along with the warm weather, we can finally relish in the most vibrant and colorful season of the year! Time to start planning those weekend getaways to the beach, the cabin, or that resort & spa you've been dying to try! We hope that Mother Nature is good to us and gives ample opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in style! And now, the 411 on Spring accessorizing: beauty is found in irregularity. Mix it up with colors and textures to find your own unique look! Tossel your hair, lacquer on some playful nail polish, and finish off with some vibrant statement jewelry! The Irina Necklace is the perfect splash of color to spruce up your Spring attire yet still modest enough for the office. Paired with our timeless, seasonal favorite, the Daily Stud Earrings, this duo is the perfect way to welcome Spring and all of its vivacious glory!

 Vibrant Essentials $138

Irina "Peace" Statement Necklace $59

Daisy Stud Earrings $89

Look of the Week: Classy and Fabulous 0

"A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous!" - Coco Chanel. As we say goodbye to the oversized sweaters and snow boots, we are just giddy with excitement to break out the sandals, maxi dresses, and those bright Spring colors! Be mindful, though, as you may still find yourself bundling up with those crop tops and tanks as the warm weather makes its slow and steady entrance. Our fashion advice for this limbo time of the year? We suggest keeping it classy and polished for these next few weeks until Spring fashion is really in full swing. This stunning rose gold ensemble is a great transition set and perfect for all seasons, leaving you looking classy and fabulous - all year round!

Classy and Fabulous $250

Carly "Little, Womanly" Stud Earrings $125

Linda "Pretty" Rose Gold Bracelet $125

Look of the Week: Here Comes The Sun 0

Alas! The snow is melting and that Spring sunshine is peeking through the whispy gray sky. We are days away from the blissful season of color and Cate&Chloe wants to dress you for the part! While the trees leaves and flowers are just starting to bud (depending on where you live), we cannot contain our excitement for those pastels, sun dresses, sandals, and sweet aromas! For that reason, we are "in full bloom" at heart and we want to give you a little splash of color to liven up your look as we welcome the Spring fever! Dress it up with this chic layer ensemble featuring the trendy Hayden two-toned necklace and the Jackie mint draping pendant necklace.

 Here Comes The Sun $138

Hayden "Devoted" Two-Toned Necklace $79

Jackie "Crescent Moon" Draping Pendant Necklace $59

Look of the Week: The World Is Your Runway 0

Fashion looks come and go, but style is eternal. So far this month, we've kept it light and dainty with pearls and classic styles. Taking a step back from romance and occasions fit for 2 - this Look of the Week is all about YOU! Now that Valentine's Day has passed, we want to reopen the doors to your own personal expression by featuring pieces that are as unique as you are! Hit the town looking chic, swag, and refreshingly original with this trendy, fashion-forward duo!

 The World Is Your Runway $158

Lindsey "Intuition" Layered Necklace $79

Emery "Brave" Bracelet $79



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